Original NZ art for sale by Sofia Minson

Own a slice of New Zealand history with Sofia’s original paintings

Portrait and landscape artist Sofia Minson is quickly cementing a name on the international art scene.

A respected name in the New Zealand art world, her focus is on traditional Māori art interpreted in a contemporary way. 

Sofia’s work is a must in any internationally significant collection of indigenous art.

Collectors of Sofia Minson's original paintings value the wisdom and heart opening experience of her powerful compositions.

From her studio in Auckland, Sofia creates large-scale oil, acrylic and ink-like flashe paintings on canvas and linen.

Inspired by romantic portrayals of Māori faces from yesteryear, Sofia imagines them in a new light.  

This time around, Māori are not being interpreted by a colonial painter, but by a Ngāti Porou artist depicting fellow contemporary Māori individuals. Sofia often focuses on those who, like her, are helping create the cultural landscape of New Zealand in the 21st century.

New Zealand landscape, floral, animal and bird paintings bring the outside in

New Zealand is revered worldwide for its spectacular natural landscape

Being indigenous to this land, Sofia often finds herself in awe of its beauty. 

To create her highly sought-after original paintings she draws on the taonga (treasures) that are New Zealand’s:

  • People
  • Land
  • Forests
  • Animals and birds

Contemporary art for high-end architecture

Sofia’s large, striking canvases often depict great swathes of New Zealand natural beauty.

This makes them a striking centrepiece in high-end establishments, including internationally-known hotels and lodges and architecturally-built homes, where her landscape and bird paintings bring the outside in.

Māori portrait paintings a soulful connection to New Zealand

Sofia’s soulful connection to her artwork is evident in each brushstroke.

This makes her Māori and Polynesian art particularly meaningful to the many New Zealanders who have made their homes overseas. Many of her buyers are CEOs of multinational companies who find keeping that connection to their homeland a vital part of their success.

Sofia paints life-like renditions of ancestral and contemporary Māori faces.

She expertly merges universal myths, legends and beliefs that catch the eye of discerning collectors worldwide. 

Her work is incorporated into numerous public art galleries. She has exhibited as far afield as:

  • New York
  • Turkey
  • Italy

In Italy her paintings graced the gilded walls of the Estense Castle, and the New Zealand High Commissioner attended the opening.

Invest in award-winning original NZ art for sale

Sofia has won several art awards, including the Molly Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards in 2005 with her oil portrait Saffron Monk. 

She is a four-time finalist in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery's Adam Portraiture Awards. 

In 2010 her self portrait "Effulgent Self" (pictured right) was a finalist in the prestigious awards judged in Wellington. In that work she is clothed in a native kowhaiwhai flower, usually yellow in colour, and the way the petals sit on her shoulders resembles a korowai or a Maori cloak.

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