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Sofia Minson's original NZ art for sale

From her studio in Auckland, Sofia creates large-scale oil, acrylic and ink-like flashe paintings on canvas and linen. With her focus on traditional Māori art interpreted in a contemporary way, Sofia’s soulful connection to her artwork is evident in each brushstroke. 

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Sofia’s latest original NZ art for sale


Koru is an organic pattern spiralling out from Te Pō, the Long Night. Represented in the black background, Te Pō is the fertile darkness from which Te Ao Mārama, the World of Light, is born into existence. The koru designs, painted with a metallic pearl luster, branch off from one another and spiral on infinitely. 

"Art keeps me connected to my Māori roots (Ngāti Porou) while allowing me to celebrate the cultural and religious diversity I've experienced through travelling the world."

- Sofia Minson

People & Portraits

Inspired by romantic portrayals of Māori faces from yesteryear, Sofia's Māori portrait paintings imagine them in a new light.  

This time around, Māori are not being interpreted by a colonial painter, but by a Ngāti Porou artist depicting fellow contemporary Māori individuals. 

Sofia often focuses on those who, like her, are helping create the cultural landscape of Aotearoa in the 21st century.

Nature & Landscapes

Being indigenous to this land, Sofia often finds herself in awe of its beauty. 

To create her original paintings she draws on the natural taonga (treasures) of Aotearoa.

Painting allows Sofia to find grounding in the land - be it mountains, rivers, seas - to touch the mystical and reconnect with the roots of our ancestors in order to find our place in the world.

Animals & Birds

Whether it be a native Kākā or a sacred bull, to Sofia, each creature is painted with a deep historical and cultural meaning. 

Drawing from Māori mythology and whakatauki (proverbs) passed down through generations, Sofia's animal and bird paintings honour the eternal wisdom of nature.

Animals and birds act as symbols to inspire stories about ourselves and our place in the cosmos.

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Bird paintings - Ruru
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