Twelve Heavens

Original painting by Sofia Minson

Digital design + hand-painted flashe on canvas. 1230 x 1820mm including frame.

Twelve Heavens is a cosmic portrait of the twelve celestial realms of Rangi. From the summit of the heavens, Tikitiki-o-rangi, to the realm closest to earth, Rangi-nui (Sky Father).  

First is Te Kore, the formless void. Unlimited potential for being. From that womb of emptiness comes Te Pō, the night that lasts for aeons. A slow dawning conception of light seeds itself in the prevailing darkness. Moisture emerges and couples with a cloud that grew from the dawn. From this union comes the Twelve Heavens of Rangi. Ranginui, the sky above is nearest to Papatūānuku, his lover the earth.

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