Terraces of Myth

Original painting by Sofia Minson

Oil and flashe (vinyl paint) on canvas. 1550 x 2080mm including frame.

Terraces of Myth is Te Tarata or the White Terraces. Lit in a vivid pink hue against the deep black sky, this painting is contemporary yet ancient and mythical. The writing “I AM” overlays the silica formations, recalling Colin McCahon’s work. The form of the landscape is influenced by Charles Blomfield’s 19th-century paintings of what some called the Eighth Wonder of the World.

We choose how to remake ourselves in every moment based on the stories we tell ourselves. This is where the idea of I AM comes in. We recall Colin McCahon’s 1970 painting Victory over death II. On the enormous 2 x 6 metre canvas he quotes in his cursive handwriting, the crisis of faith experienced by Jesus. In his architectural lettering he paints in barely visible black, the question AM I, and in luminous white, he paints the affirmative I AM.

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