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Original painting SOLD, digital artwork on canvas, 1300 x 1300mm, 2021

The story of De Sidere

By and large human beings desire to share love and receive love. At its alchemical core, this galactic marriage depicts the greatest love story ever told - that of falling in-love with oneself.

The word desire is from the Latin de sidere which means from the stars.  Sidere is from sīdus and sīderis, meaning heavenly body, star or constellation. 

This painting "De Sidere" points to our unique expression of what the universe longs for. Our human desire as a gift from the stars.

When we peel back distorted limiting beliefs, our very molecules, our atoms, our Being at its quantum level, is held together by this force of love. 

Sacred Geometry

Our two lovers are supported here in this multi-dimensional chariot, encased and amplified within the sacred geometric Merkabah, also known as Metatron's Cube or Star Tetrahedron. 

The unifying symbol of our masculine sun and feminine moon, is unlocking our inner core. As is the combination of the directed, masculine straight lines and the curved, feminine circles of the divine geometry. 

The two lovers

With heads bowed and faces in shadow, the two figures seem like they are both in their own internalised, dream-like experience. As if, in their own dreams, they are gathering and building the energy and momentum they require to give to their co-creation. 

One plus one equals three. Together, they create a third state. A unified sun and moon. A child. A Being that embodies the best of both parents.

Their love story is an eternal one. They could be Ranginui, sky father, and Papatūānuku, earth mother. 

You could see them as our inner Jungian anima and animus. Or any great consorts from mythological love stories like Hinemoa and Tutanekai, Isis and Osiris, Sophia and Christ or Mary Magdalene and Jesus. 

To me, they are our divine feminine and masculine energies that we all have within us. At the macro level, I see them as the polarity of yin and yang forces that sparked the origins of the cosmos. An attractive force that is ever-unfolding in a holo-fractal impulse of creation.

Hikurangi and Waiapu - Sofia's ancestral mountain and river

As Papatūānuku, the female figure lies with Maunga Hikurangi in her womb space. Hikurangi is the sacred mountain of Ngāti Porou (my ancestors) from the East Cape of Aotearoa. 

Blue lines stripe and pattern the bodies of our two lovers. Perhaps it is the reflected light of the surrounding geometry. Perhaps it is some form of tā moko (tattoos). For me, these lines also represent the element of water. They are the presence of my ancestral river - the Waiapu - a dynamic, flowing being who often appears to me in my own dreams.

Humpback whales

Humpback whales swim through the great, starry, primordial cosmic ocean. They are kaitiaki - guardians and custodians. 

As we embody our feminine energy, we relax and are able to receive more fully. In doing so, collective whale consciousness can gift human beings as our awareness shifts and expands and we too become adults of consciousness. 

During this evolution, many are being called to step into the role of kaitiaki with the earth. We are all part of her shared, enormous Being.  Now is a time of healing thousands of years of shame about our bodies and the feminine. 

What else is available to us?

As we embrace the innate, intuitive intelligence of our bodies and the earth, we can enjoy communion with All That Is - in spirit and in physical manifestation.

Becoming kaitiaki alongside our whale guardians, is about choosing to consciously take part in the mutual flourishing of the planet. It's about having an awareness of all beings. It's about choosing to move out of reactivity and become a conscious player of this game called human, and this game called earth.

The five Platonic Solids

In each of the 'fruiting' circles surrounding Metatron's Cube are all 5 Platonic Solids, symbolising the underlying geometric patterns that make up our universe. All 5 shapes are also hidden inside the connecting lines of the Merkabah itself. 

The geometric shapes each represent one of the 5 elements, including the fifth element of Aether. From the top in a clockwise direction they are:

  • Dodecahedron - 12 sided - Aether
  • Octahedron - 8 sided - Air
  • Icosahedron - 20 sided - Water
  • Hexahedron (cube) - 6 sided - Earth
  • Tetrahedron - 4 sided - Fire

Age of Aquarius

Our galactic whale guardian on the right hand side is guiding us into a new age of Aquarius. He is swimming just above the 8-sided platonic solid, the Octahedron. 

Aquarius is a sign and an era of the element of air. And the octahedron is associated with air. It is about cultivating acceptance and compassion.

This painting was completed just in time for the December 21st 2020 gateway into the age of Aquarius. This was a moment when the solstice coincided with a rare alignment between Jupiter and Saturn, also known as a Great Conjunction

Orion and Pleiades constellations

The stars of Orion's Belt are in the circle above and the stars of the Pleiades, also known as Mataariki and the Seven Sisters, are in the circle below.

Healing our wounds of separation

In order to access our innate human ability to receive and gift love, we must first truly see each other.  What beauty can we recognise in each other and create together? We are attempting to heal lifetimes of stories of being right and wrong, trauma, karma, soul contracts, unconsciousness and shadows. 

This is a shift in perception. A collective evolution from perceived separation, born from polarising judgements of good and bad, into connection and communion with the Whole.  

Feeling as though we were cut off from the cosmos, from our source, there is a pathway available to each of us, to re-member ourselves. To put our awareness of who we are, back together. 

Access to healed divine masculine and feminine potency 

Whichever path we choose, I believe the awareness of our true power is inevitable. We are tasked with rebalancing our energies so we have access to our healed divine feminine and our healed divine masculine power and potency. Our ability to imagine and manifest into our experience, that which we desire.

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