Rain Falling on the Sunshine


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  • Large museum archival paper print - 900 x 900mm 
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Original painting SOLD, acrylic and flashe on canvas, 1160 x 1120mm (including frame), 2016

The story of Rain Falling on the Sunshine

"Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"... "It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine..." 

- Frances Hodgson Burnett from the 1911 novel The Secret Garden

Sister paintings

Sofia was listening to an audiobook as she often does while painting, and came across this poetic description of spring in the novel The Secret Garden.  The timing was serendipitous as she was working on two artworks of native tui perched in front of yellow springtime kowhai flowers bursting out from a dripping grey watery background. The two parts of the quote have become the titles of the two sister artworks, which both speak of our unique native flora and fauna during springtime here in Aotearoa.

Guardians of the natural world

Like all of Sofia's native bird and wildlife paintings, she sees the work as a reminder of our role as kaitiaki or guardians of the natural world.

The forest is a living thing 

just as I breathe and live.

Every leaf, every tree, 

every insect, every bird, 

feels and knows this. 

When I enter its domain, 

I know I enter the House of Tāne.

- From Maori Natural Lore

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