Oh what a difference a frame makes! Tip for artists and collectors...

I'm feeling very lucky to be surrounded by teams of people who give my art an amplified voice and take it to the world.  Just got this baby "Aoraki Gold" back from Homestead Picture Framers. 

Thanks Homestead for your genius over the years!

I've been wrapping it up today to send to my incredible crew at Artbay Gallery in Queenstown. 

If you've purchased an original painting or limited edition print of mine and would like advice on framing just email me with your questions and we can discuss ideas.

Fashions change and I hear through the grapevine that natural wooden box frames are all the rage at the moment.  That's cool but you've got to match the colour, texture and pattern of the frame with the artwork itself.  Take the image above for example: I've used metallic gold paint for the patterning on the Kaki bird and therefore I feel that a light coloured wooden frame would have introduced a totally new element that would have fought with this gold pattern rather than enhanced the image, which this rich, dark, slightly shiny wood has done.

Now, some shameless promotion for these two teams of people who have enhanced my art and most importantly, enhanced my experience of being in the art world over the last couple of years...

Homestead Picture Framers are who I'd recommend using and they are based in Henderson - 100 Railside Ave, phone 09 838 6920.

And if you're in Queenstown you've got to pop into Artbay Gallery right on the lakefront of Wakatipu to chat with their warm and wonderful team and see the spectacular collection of contemporary artworks covering the unique stone walls of their gorgeous old building at 13 Marine Parade Queenstown, ph +64 3 442 9090.

Posted by artist Sofia Minson from NewZealandArtwork.com
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil painting


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