Tips for making your Art Prints look fantastic in your home

Choose, frame and display. If you're keen to buy a Limited Edition Art Print for your home you'll need to give equal weight to these three things. Here's a few tips to help your process...


  1. Colour
    When choosing your print check out your home decor and if you're rocking all greys and browns then maybe it's time for some colour.
  2. Exception to the rule
    Check out the pics below of my client's prints, which are exceptions to this rule.  All the natural colours look so good together.
  3. Matting size
    When framing your print give it more impact by putting a large matting around it.  For my prints (as in pics below) I suggest an 8-10cm matting.
  4. Matting colour
    When choosing a colour for your matting, if in doubt go for white-white. Chances are, off-white or some other colour you think could be a bit of fun won't be classy enough to last the test of time.
  5. Home decor
    Display your print with complementary decor... furniture, plants, ornaments and couch pillows that aren't too loud and distracting.

Limited Edition Prints can be a good choice because they're cheaper than original paintings and they're still a collector's item since they're signed by the artist. The value of your print will grow over the years with the profile of the artist.  Also, ink-jet giclee prints on acid-free paper can last up to 120 years before any colour change is apparent to the human eye.

I was so impressed with how one of my clients displayed their prints that I had to go around for a photo shoot!  Hope you can get some inspiration from this:

Prints below: Ko Aoraki Te Maunga (left) and Matawhaorua (right), both images 40x40cm with 10cm matting
Written by artist Sofia Minson from NewZealandArtwork.com
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil paintings


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