Watch, Tolled Eckhart

Original painting by Sofia Minson

Oil on canvas. 1200 x 1200mm.

This is the first self-portrait that Sofia ever painted. It began in July 2008 when she returned to New Zealand from several months in the Middle East, where she was exposed to diverse cultures, religions and worldviews. 

Without pre-planning the work she first took to the canvas with a solid layer of red paint, applying the colour with rhythmic, meditative strokes throughout the night. Then, having just listened to the audiobook of Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now' she began an out-pouring of a stream of consciousness text on canvas. This is the noise of the mind that Eckhart talks about, the ramblings of our thoughts, which are most often left unchecked. 

The portrait is the unconscious self, inundated with images, words and broken ideas. The enlarged eye symbolizes our ability to observe or listen to the expected noise of the mind and thereby become extremely present, awaiting its arrival. In 'watching' or 'waiting' one actually creates space and connects to a higher level of consciousness. 

The ray of light illuminating the clear, open eye depicts this ascension into the 'now' and this heightened state of awareness.

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