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Original painting SOLD, oil on canvas, 500 x 1830mm, 2011

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The story of Wakatipu

A Maori myth concerning the glacial-fed Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown was Sofia's inspiration for this piece.

An unusual phenomenon

Science records an unusual phenomenon at Lake Wakatipu that it cannot yet explain - the water level rises and falls about 12cm every five minutes. Maori legend tells that this rhythmic oscillation is the effect of a monster's slow, steady heartbeat from the depths. The lake was formed when an evil giant was set on fire by a daring youth. The resulting heat melted the snow and ice of surrounding mountains, which then filled the long double-dogleg-shaped hollow. The lake's name, according to this myth, should actually be "Waka-tipua", which translates as "hollow of the giant".

The burning giant

For this painting Sofia imagined the burning giant sinking to the bottom of the lake and the once bubbling, boiling water beginning to calm. As the tension diffuses a glowing light still emanates from the depths.

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