Road to Whareponga


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Original painting SOLD, oil on canvas, 420 x 340mm, 2007

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The story of Road to Whareponga

Recently Sofia met an interesting woman at an art exhibition opening in Auckland city called Vapi Kupenga. Not long into their conversation, the pair discovered that they were in fact quite closely related. This new member of the whanau (family) had an impressive knowledge about Sofia's whakapapa (genealogy) and about her great-grandmother Matire Te Horowai-McGhee’s hometown near Gisborne. 

The name Whareponga was raised as an example of a contemporary Maori whanau that is actually intricately related to the artist’s own whanau, a piece of information unknown to Sofia until that moment. 

The encounter sparked Sofia’s interest about her ancestry, her connection to long-lost living relatives and her affiliation with the Ngati Porou land on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. This artwork presents a curious little scene where a sense of questioning and anticipation reflects Sofia’s feelings about her own journey. 

In the ongoing process of uncovering buried history, wisdom and connections, whom will she meet? What will she come to understand? And to what land or place will her heart belong?

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