Noku Te Whenua


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Original painting SOLD, oil on canvas, 1300 x 1300mm, 2007

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The story of Noku Te Whenua

An intricately adorned Tree of Life grows from the sensuous curved river stones of Papatuanuku (earth mother), describing our connection to our whakapapa (genealogy). 

The title of this work is part of the ancient Maori proverb:

Noku te whenua, o oku tupuna

The land is mine, inherited from my ancestors

Native birds including pouakai eagles (extinct c.1400AD), tui and piwakawaka (fantail) bring moments of movement and life to the enduring descendant of Tane (god of the forest). 

Small carved manaia pendants dangle from high branches, representing our tupuna (ancestors). Manaia are mythical beings with a bird's head and a serpent's body who are messengers between the earthly world of mortals and the domain of spirits.

Ngati Porou sacred proverb of identity

As well as being Swedish, English and Irish, Sofia is of Ngati Porou descent, from the east coast of the North Island. Their sacred proverb of identity is as follows:

Ko Hikurangi te maunga 

Ko Waiapu te awa 

Ko Ngati Porou te iwi

Hikurangi is the mountain 

Waiapu is the river 

Ngati Porou are the people

The significance of land and ancestry

Incorporating the elements of earth, air, fire and water, Hikurangi stands silhouetted on the fiery red horizon and the Waiapu river is seen creeping over the rocks in an intricate koru design.

"Noku Te Whenua" explores the beauty and significance of land and ancestry to Maori.

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