Long Ash Tower


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Original painting AVAILABLE, oil on canvas, 1400 x 1400mm, 2010. Contact us to enquire about the original.

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The story of Long Ash Tower

The scene of this painting came to Sofia upon waking one morning. The cigarette with its long ash and Lord of the Rings type tower stands tall in a deserted flat landscape. The flakes of ash and the base of the cigarette house finely detailed pieces of Gothic architecture. 

There are infinite ways to look at this artwork. Sofia saw this vision upon waking one morning and faithfully represented it onto the canvas, with curiosity about what it might mean. The question "what we are building for oursleves?" could take you on a long journey of ideas. 

Regarding the cigarette, there is no intentional moral or ethical judgment being passed by the artist. 

Here Sofia discusses some of her own interpretations, with the knowing that art is indefinable and changes throughout time, and from person to person. 

"I painted Long Ash Tower many years ago, based on a vision I saw in a hypnopompic state just before I woke up one morning. Without a fixed story behind it, I've been curious about what this piece could possibly mean, for a long time.

Then 2020 happened. And suddenly this painting, which hangs in my private gallery in Auckland, has been talking very loudly to my husband and I.  We've been surprised at how intense its presence is now.  The symbolism has come alive and is connecting to what I feel is going on in the world right now on mythic, psychological and metaphysical levels.

So this is how I'm resonating with this painting in 2020, based on my particular lens into reality. 

The empire is crumbling.  The end.  Okay I'm joking, that's the starting point. 

I'm feeling an Old Testament Book of Genesis Tower of Babel connection. Needless to say I find it more fun to look at The Tower of Babel through an alchemical, mythic, Gnositc worldview, rather than as a historical document, or a delusional document to control the masses, devoid of meaning. I believe there are hidden numerological and mythic codes in the bible with much wisdom and truth to be gleaned about our human spiritual experience. Many of the stories and characters in the bible are allegorical for different parts of our own psychological journey - "psyche" being the soul and "logos" being the way in which spirit unveils its mysteries.

Gnositic groups have been around since the dawning of Christianity. As mystics they are seekers of Gnosis - the direct and personal knowledge of the divine - and consider this to be more important than orthodox teachings and traditions.

It's July 2020 and I'm still writing this story so more is to come.... Watch this space for the next installment!!"

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