Huia Ariki


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Limited edition of 75 signed fine-art prints available on museum archival card. 800mm high x 506mm wide. Unframed prints shipped FREE in NZ, $49 internationally.

Original painting Sold, mixed media on loose canvas, 800 x 1240mm, 2014 


Sofia painted "Huia Ariki" on 36 loose canvases, joined together to form a korowai or cloak-like garment with woven flax, feathers and rope. The designs are influenced by traditional Maori, Pacific and Eastern motifs. The mandala at the heart centre of the bird is an ancient Hindu and Buddhist circular pattern symbolising the universe.

Huia are a now extinct native New Zealand bird species, which were mainly black with a green metallic tinge and bright orange wattles. Huia tail feathers, distinctively tipped with white, were prized for their use in traditional Māori headdresses.

Māori referred to certain huia as huia-ariki or "chiefly huia". The huia-ariki were a brownish colour streaked with grey and it is unknown whether this variant was partially albino or just of great age.

Sofia Minson Paintings | New Zealand Artwork

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