First Sight


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Original painting SOLD, acrylic and flashe on canvas, 1190 x 1780mm (including frame), 2016

The story of First Sight

"First Sight" is a depiction of native New Zealand kowhai flowers painted in metallic gold, which has a reflective, dynamic quality that changes with the light of the room. In nature, the hanging, bright yellow tubular flowers bloom in spring, symbolising new beginnings, and their nectar are favoured by native birds such as tui.

A reflection of inner growth and blossoming

To the artist, the painting acts as a mirror, reflecting the viewer's sense of inner growth and blossoming. The surrounding sacred geometric patterns are uplifting and attractive to the human mind, and are known as being a traditional threshold into a psychedelic, creative, energetic dimension. There is potential for this image to be used as a visual aid in meditation because of its symmetry, harmony and reflection of our own positive traits.

The title of the piece came from Minson standing back after finishing the painting and as she puts it "having a strong impression that it was a gateway - a shining jewel of a vision that could be the beginning of a very interesting journey into a deeper, wider, more open state of consciousness."

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