Aoraki's Dawn


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Limited edition of 75 signed fine-art prints available on museum archival card. 546mm high x 740mm wide. Unframed prints shipped FREE in NZ, $35 internationally.

Original painting Sold, oil on canvas, 1010 x 1370mm, 2011


Aoraki or Mt Cook is the sacred mountain of Ngai Tahu and it stands in the distance of this primordial landscape. The prominent South Island iwi trace their lineage back to Tahu Potiki, the younger brother of Porourangi, who was one of the great ancestors of Ngati Porou, of which Sofia herself is affiliated.

The eerie glowing world of “Aoraki’s Dawn” has no time and space.  Or perhaps it is a view of Aotearoa before there were humans to name space and measure time.

‘The cloud piercer’ as Aoraki is translated, slumbers like a quiet giant that has watched patiently over generations of human migration, natural evolution, creation and extinction.  It even bore witness to the rise and fall of New Zealand’s majestic Pouakai eagle - a large native species with a wingspan of 3 metres that went extinct c.1400 A.D. due to its major food source, the moa, being hunted to extinction by humans.  

Two pouakai soar over Lake Pukaki as guardians of this ancient world, full of potentiality for a new dawn and a new age.

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