A World Between


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Limited edition of 75 signed fine-art prints available on museum archival card. 300mm high x 300mm wide. Unframed prints shipped FREE in NZ, $49 internationally.

Original oil painting Sold, 455 x 1455mm, 2008


“A World Between” refers to our natural realm in between the sky father Ranginui and the earth mother Papatuanuku from Maori creationary mythology. 

Legend has it that before our world existed, Ranginui and Papatuanuku clung together in a close, loving embrace. In the dark, confined area between them, 70 divine sons were born. The strongest, Tanemahuta, along with many of his brothers yearned for more air, space and light in which to live. Tradition tells that in planting his head on the earth and thrusting his feet against the sky, Tane succeeded in separating his parents. 

This work shows a surreal landscape of riverstones as far as the eye can see. Emerging from crevices in the stones, a stylized kaka beak flower trumpets with the vibrant redness of life and karaka berries dangle from the delicate branches. Papatuanuku’s nude form lies within the rocks that bathe in the caressing glow of Ranginui. The divine mother and father’s love is enduring. Their connection is just expressed in more subtle ways since the great separation.

Sofia Minson Paintings | New Zealand Artwork

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