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4 Day Online Exhibition

Exhibition started 6:00pm Friday 21st October and runs until 11:00pm Monday 24th October 2022 (NZ time)

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Retrospective | Reflection | Reimagining

Celebrating some of her favourite original works with new energy and playfulness, Sofia Minson is releasing her
Origins Collector Series.

1-of-1 hand embellished limited edition giclée prints.

Inspiration from her new sacred studio in
Te Tai Tokerau, Northland

Sofia is inspired to share some of her works that reflect the last two decades of painting.

To celebrate and introduce herself to the land where she now lives, the first thing she wanted to do was sit and revisit her favourite original works.

The idea of the Origins Collector Series was born. 

In this 2022 exhibition Sofia has hand-painted some of her favourite giclée prints, recreating them as new original works.

She invites you into the themes of
Retrospective | Reflection | Reimagining

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