koha (gift)

Choose an amount that feels fair, clear, and right.

Sofia Minson accepts one-time donations.

Your gift contributes to her as she paints and weaves together inspiration from ancestors, land and myths to help us navigate this changing earth.

Just as important, it communicates to her that the artworks she creates are gratefully received and appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Fans and clients gift koha for the appreciation of artwork

*Sofia receives gifts for... 

  • General support of her artistic process

  • Thank you for the artworks recently purchased from galleries and art dealers

  • Tattoos inspired by her work

  • Digital and printed publications

  • Newsletters

  • Screensavers

  • Social media post

  • Exhibitions and events

  • etc...


You will be re-directed to Sofia's donation webpage which is hosted by Stripe.com

A koha (gift) does not remove the requirement of all parties to gain written consent or an image use agreement from Sofia Minson for the use of her images which she owns and retains full copyright. Please get in touch via the contact page for any image use enquiries. 


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