Canvas art prints - up close and personal!

What is a canvas print?

The largest and most valuable limited edition print Sofia creates, is the canvas print.

These are museum quality artworks that are each proofed and hand-signed by Sofia herself.

Printed onto canvas with lightfast pigment inks, the colours will not diminish for well over a hundred years. 

A scan of the original painting captures the highest resolution digital image so every detail comes through onto the canvas print.

There is a natural and very finely woven texture on the canvas itself that you can see when you're close to the print.

After the printing is completed and dried, a protective archival varnish is applied, which means glass does not need to cover the stretched canvas. 

The high resolution image has captured the light and shadows of the original paint brush strokes, giving it a 3D effect. 

The ink is not 3D itself, but it is sometimes hard to tell, even up close, because the detail of the image is so good, in conjunction with the woven texture of the canvas.

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