Māori Jesus and The New York Times

In the Easter edition ofThe New York Times,  Eric V. Copage,  explores the representation of Jesus Christ through different cultural perspectives from acrossthe globe in his article article ‘Searching for a Jesus Who Looks More Like Me’.

It’s an honour to bring Māori culture onto a world renowned platform such as The New York Times with Sofia’s Māori Jesus.

The story of Maori Jesus

Māori Jesus depicts the Messiah as tangata whenua (indigenous Māori) with full-face moko (traditional tattoo). As said in the article, the goal with this thought-provoking portrait is “to sense the fluidity and exchange of faith, wairua (spirit), culture, art and religion between people through the ages”.

Her representation of Christ as ethnically Māori often spark questions and conversations about cultural appropriation by religion.

Read the article ‘'Searching for a Jesus Who Looks More Like Me’ on NY Times here.


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