Showcasing Sofia Minson’s interview with Spasifik Magazine

Connecting Sofia Minson Art with New Zealand’s Māori and Pacific community

This month, Sofia featured on the cover of Spasifik Magazine’s latest issue. A publication that’s passionate about being a voice for Pacific and Māori people, Spasifik sat down with Sofia to talk about her art and the rising indigenous movement.

Sofia Minson: building spiritual connections through cultural art

Sofia and Spasifik Magazine hold similar cultural values. They have worked together in the past, and continue to create stories – both in written and visual avenues – providing a creative, cultural outlet for Māori and Pacific people across the globe.

Diving deep into Sofia’s journey and exploring a global awakening of indigenous wisdom

From her life as a global citizen, to her Ngāti Porou roots, Spasifik talks in depth with Sofia about her artistic journey and the sacred connection between art and the land. 

‘What Sofia sees and feels emerging is a rising indigenous voice, which the people and planet are going to benefit from, “because more of us are now open to interacting with the land and environment differently.”’

Learn more about the cultural influences that have shaped Sofia Minson’s art in Spasifik Magazine’s latest issue (74).


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