A glimpse into Sofia's private gallery

Step into a sacred art space...

The space where art is created and lives is a sacred one. It should be the kind of place where people can slow down and really connect with the artwork.

This was the guiding vision behind Sofia's private gallery space, creating an environment that fostered authentic artistic connections. This space where Sofia creates and shows her artwork is filled with a rich history, making it a truly special place. From discovering the space, to unearthing its stories, read on to learn about Sofia's private gallery in the heart of Auckland's CBD...

A serendipitous meeting: finding the space

The story of how Sofia found the gallery is a serendipitous one. When she first walked in to the space, one thing stood out immediately. In the centre of the room stood a framed piece of Sofia’s artwork, The Hero’s Journey.

“When I saw her (The Hero’s Journey), I knew that she belonged here. From that moment, I knew I had found the right place for my artwork. The space for my art to live before it finds its new home."
- Sofia

Every element has a story

“When guests walk into the gallery, they often remark upon its unique feel and design. The creation of this space was truly a labour of love, passionately brought together by a team of builders, designers, and architects – artists in their own right.”
- Sofia

Drawing inspiration as they went along, every element was crafted with creativity. And as they delved deeper into the building process, more ideas came to the surface.

Hearing the stories and meanings behind the elements that make up the space, Sofia couldn’t help but see special connections to her own work and inspirations.

Uncovering hidden beauty and honoring the past

The ceiling was the starting point of the entire build. Originally a flat roof, the builders ripped it out to uncover grand, Colonial-style beams.

Upon uncovering the hidden beauty, the designers were inspired to carve out intricate detailing, making what once was a simple ceiling a striking piece of architectural art that canopied the space. When building, it was important to honor the land, with native Rimu wood handpicked as the ceiling panels.

As you cast your eyes down from the ceiling, a staircase and balustrade catch your eye. Similar to Sofia’s creative style, the design blends together many different elements. The designers vision was to create something that was both old and new, pairing modern industrial metal with a traditional design aesthetic.

One of the things that Sofia admired about this space was the level of thought, care and detail that went into creating it. Treating it like a piece of art, each element was crafted with meaning, often paying tribute to the past.  

Pages from a nineteenth century architectural book are used to wallpaper one of the rooms. An ode to the architectural practices of the past, the wall reminds you of where we’ve come from and the histories that have shaped who we are today.

There’s a magical charm in the design of this space in that it feels both intimate and open. Glass windows and doors are used throughout the rooms, enabling you to soak up all the spaces as you walk through. At the same time, there is a safe, and sacred comfort that washes over you, making you feel at peace.

A sacred space to connect with Sofia’s art

“The wairua (soul) led me to this place. I spent weeks and hours moving the pieces around so that they can talk to each other in the right way.”
- Sofia

When looking for a space, Sofia wanted something different from the conventional white-walled gallery. She wanted a place that felt like home, one that welcomes you in, inviting you to slow down, connect and feel the wairua in the room.

If you’d like to own a piece of Sofia’s artwork, come join us for a viewing at the private Auckland gallery.


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