Art & Soul: Sofia Minson is Your Home & Garden’s 'Women We Love'

Recognised as an inspirational Kiwi woman making waves in the art scene, Sofia Minson talks to Your Home & Garden magazine for their latest Women We Love feature. 

With spirit comes art

With an appreciation for inspirational Kiwi women, Home & Garden reached out to Sofia to discuss her art and share her story with their readers.

Your Home & Garden visited Sof in her private gallery to capture the artist in her element. 

Discovering Sofia’s creative journey

In the article, Sofia opened up about how her life has profoundly influenced her art. Her international upbringing and mixed lineage has shaped the unique cultural lens through which she sees the world.

Sofia explains how her venture into art began when she was just a toddler, continuing on with self-taught exploration from there. 

A detailed story to every piece

Each painting reflects Sofia’s own story, accurately depicting a unique, multi-cultural interpretation of her history and the history of those who came before her. 

Read on to find out how each painting reinforces the personal connection that she has to her artwork.

Read the article online here.

The October issue of Your Home & Garden is available NOW.


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