An insider's guide to canvas prints - value, impact and connection

Preserve your print and create a family heirloom

When it comes to finding the perfect piece of art, your decision will most probably be made on the basis of a deep impression.

That's what's great about art; how one painting can have such a meaningful effect on an individual.

You might choose a piece based on a heritage connection, love for the story, or you were simply moved by the wairua (spirit) of the image.

But no matter the reason, you chose it because you loved it. And like anything you cherish, you want to make sure you care for it in the best way possible.

A large-scale canvas print is life-long art investment

We all know what an awe-inspiring impression an original painting can have on a room, but what can be just as captivating are large-scale canvas prints.

Considering a canvas print? Here are a few benefits:

  • Large-scale awe: Measuring approximately 1.5 metres high or wide when framed, the sheer scale of canvas prints is impressive. The quality and detail of the original artworks are also captured – demonstrating the size and visual impact of an original.

  • An affordable investment: If you wish to make a meaningful art investment, but do not have the funds to invest in an original; then my limited edition canvas prints are the perfect option for you.

  • Intricate detail: Having been digitally captured and colour matched with the original paintings and then printed with high-quality materials, my canvas prints are just as detailed as the originals; providing you with a more affordable option to admire the intricate detail and brushstrokes.

And just like an original; whichever canvas print you choose, I’m sure there will be a significant connection to the meaning behind it – whether it be a cultural or creative one.

So, to help you preserve your art investment, I have put together some canvas-care tips.

How to protect canvas prints: 5 insider tips

Take care of your canvas print the way you would an original

All of my canvas prints are designed with a clear protective coating – this way there is no need for glass to cover the image.

However, in order to preserve your art investment for future generations there are a few things you should know to avoid damage.

1. Handle your canvas print carefully

Your print is new and you’re excited to get it on the wall! But don’t forget to take care whilst handling your new artwork.

The rule of thumb when it comes to handling any artwork is to never touch it – always handle your canvas by the border or frame.

Do this to avoid any unwanted skin oils or dirt coming in contact with the print.

2. Display your canvas print selectively

To protect canvas prints, consider these features before you choose a place of display:

  • Sun exposure: Never display a print in the direct sunlight – by placing your print in standard lighting conditions, the protective coating will protect the canvas for up to 80 years!

  • Climatic extremes: Ensure you choose a spot that is away from areas of high humidity – such as kitchens and bathrooms – as the moisture in the air can be damaging to your canvas print.

3. Remove dust from your canvas print softly

Regularly checking for and removing dust is important to avoid damage and protect canvas prints.

But when doing so, never use your hand – although it isn’t an original painting it is still delicate, and this method could cause damage to the surface.

Rather, use a soft cloth or a soft dry brush to lightly remove the dust from the print and frame.

4. Clean or restore your canvas print professionally

If by the unfortunate chance something marks or stains your canvas print, then I highly recommend getting it professionally cleaned or restored.

Trying to clean your print yourself can result in damage to the canvas material and colouring of the print.

5. Store your canvas print cautiously

Of course, when it comes to your chosen artwork; I want you to display it where you can enjoy it every day.

However, if a time comes when you need to move house or store your art, you need to be extra cautious.

Your first option is to get your canvas professionally wrapped up for storage, but if you chose to do so yourself here's a few tips:

  • Carefully package your canvas print: I suggest wrapping your print in brown paper and bubble wrap with frame corner protectors on each corner, within a solid art-storage box – this will protect your art investment for years to come.

  • Choose a climate-controlled area: Just like displaying your art, when storing it you should avoid any humid areas, so as to avoid any mold or other forms of damage. You should also store your canvas print in an elevated area – never on the floor.

Your chosen artwork is a piece of you

No matter the form of art – original, paper or canvas print – there’s a reason you chose your artwork.

It may have inspired you, empowered you or resonated on a soulful level – whatever the reason, you love your chosen piece – so taking care of it will be important to you.

Art isn’t just an object – it is a piece of history, it is a piece of you.

Keeping your canvas print safe from damage will mean that you can pass it on as a family heirloom in the future, or perhaps even open a gallery of your favourite works. Whatever you aspire to, taking care of your print today will enable the future you to enjoy it too.

Printed in New Zealand using high-quality pigments, choose an heirloom – or let it choose you – with a limited edition canvas print.


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