1st prize at Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards with Saffron Monk oil portrait

In 2005 at 20 years old I won 1st prize at the Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards held in Whakatane, New Zealand. The annual event is a prestigious competition.

It attracts contemporary art entries in 2D media from around the country. The first prize was a tie, jointly awarded to my painting Saffron Monk and Luke Hollis' oil portrait.

The judge of the event, Simon Ogden, described Saffron Monk as "just splendid". He continued to say: 

"Believe me, any body who is prepared to use the intensity of colour, the orange and the yellow, in a work of this kind and at the same time provide the viewer with the quiet serenity that it breathes is both courageous and very, very clever. This painting has very subtle interventions in the field of grey which you will see on close examination and these interventions are so important. It is a very lovely work."

Posted by Sofia Minson Paintings | New Zealand Artwork


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