60+ top contemporary NZ artworks on auction for new public sculpture

"Sometimes it's up to artists to help other artists, so they can help the community" says Sofia Minson about this unique fundraiser for a new public sculpture in Masterton.

Ready to expand your collection of artworks by top contemporary NZ artists?

This Friday 26 August, two of Sofia Minson's framed giclee prints are up for auction along with 60+ important works by Michael Smither, Karl Maughan, Robin White, Seraphine Pick, Reuben Paterson, Pat Hanly, Fiona Pardington, Gretchen Albrecht and more.

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The Art For Our Valley auction is on this Friday 26 August at 6:00pm at Carterton Events Centre. If you can't be there in person don't fret! You can place an absentee bid - contact Margie Holmes on 0274 733 182 or margie.holmes@outlook.com for details.

Proceeds are going to the artists as well as to the Aratoi Foundation's commission of a new public sculpture entitled "Ascension" located at the gateway to Masterton by internationally acclaimed artist Neil Dawson.

Full artist list:
Neil Dawson
Jane Sinclair
Paul Martinson
Stephen Allwood
Brendon Wilkinson
Andree de Latour
Damien Kurth
Dennis Handyside
Ian Chapman
Peter Madden
Sam Duckor-Jones
Michael Smither
Euan Macleod
Wayne Barrar
Joanna Braithwaite
Hannah Kidd
Matt Guild
Hayden Stuart
Andre Hemer
Hayden Stuart
Harry Watson
Matt Guild
Janet Green
Karl Maughan
Jane Sinclair
David Cauchi
Gregory O'Brien
Sean Crawford
Saskia Leek
The Crystal Chain Gang
Simon Payton
Ben Pearce
Paul Martinson
Jenna Packer
Andrew McLeod
Robin White
Seraphine Pick
Roger Mortimer
Simon Payton
Mandy Emerson
Rohan Wealleans
Reuben Paterson
Geoff Walker
Neil Frazer
Helene Carroll
Paratene Matchitt
Pat Hanly
Sam Melser
Evan Jones
Louise Purvis
Bruce Hunt
Tim Wagg
Gregor Kregar
Sofia Minson
Sam Melser
Max Patte
Fiona Pardington
Gretchen Albrecht

Posted by artist Sofia Minson from NewZealandArtwork.com
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil painting


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