Metropol magazine article on Group Exhibition in Christchurch

Check out this piece in Metropol Magazine about our Christchurch exhibition! The show runs till 22nd September at Bryce Gallery... Stylised landscapes, nudity & legends!

Metropol Christchurch | Canterbury
National Multi Award Winning Magazine
29 August 2013  Volume 16, Issue 17

Stylised landscapes, nudity & legends

By Hans Petrovic

The Port Hills, nudity and legends are the basic themes of an eclectic exhibition by three self-taught artists, entitled Sixteen, which begins at the Bryce Gallery on September 5. The artists are Hamish Allan of Christchurch, Sofia Minson of Auckland, and Geoff Williams of Dunedin.

Hamish Allan:

“My intention was to create a group of smaller works in which I considered my immediate environs. l have endeavoured to reflect on and interpret the precarious nature of living in a recovering, rejuvenating and reinvented space, and attempted to convey an emotional response to this in paint," says Hamish in a statement on his work.

After completing two degrees at Otago University, Hamish worked as a physiotherapist before embarking on his artistic career, initially concentrating on sculpture, then changing his attention to painting.

Hamish's style is characterised by clean, precise imagery often depicting stylised representational New Zealand landscapes incorporating iconic architecture. His interest in the relationship between the landscape and human intervention is often present and Hamish endeavours to portray this in a contemporary manner. He is fond of looking through rose-tinted glasses at times gone by.

“Generally, we have a waiting list for Hamish's works, so we are pleased to offer four paintings and a drawing in this show," says co-owner of the gallery Denise Bryce.

Sofia Minson:

“From Kupe's arrival on these shores over a thousand years ago to the natural wonders of the Pink and White Terraces, New Zealand's land, myths and ancient history provide inspiration for my collection of works," states Sofia.

A portrait and landscape painter, Sofia is of Ngati Porou (Maori), Swedish, English and Irish heritage. Born in Auckland in 1984, Sofia spent much of her childhood in Samoa, Sri Lanka and China clue to her father's civil engineering work.

On returning to New Zealand as a teenager, painting enabled her to reconnect with her homeland and her mixed Maori and European heritage, as well as celebrate all of the cultural and religious diversity that she experienced overseas.

"Sofia has only been on board with us since January of this year but already her beautiful, almost ethereal style oils are finding favour with our discerning clientele. Still in her 20s, we see her as an artist with huge potential," says Denise.

Geoff Williams:

“I am a realist painter primarily trained in the commercial-art industry, signage, pictorials and screen printing by trade, As an artist I am motivated by the pure pleasure and constant challenges of painting. By offering an alternative presentation of the real, my intention is to provoke an emotional response. A strong narrative runs through much of my work, stopping short of telling the whole story, but creating a recognisable framework for viewers to tell their own," states Geoff.

Geoff's father, Doug, had a profound influence on his development, both as a person and an artist. His father's philosophy was simple: believe in yourself, do your best, and always go that extra mile.

“Geoff has done the hard years over the years and his work has become highly collectable. His time consuming cross-hatch technique sets him apart from the rest and this show will offer a selection of nostalgic works in acrylic plus two pencil nudes," says Denise.

Sixteen, is showing at Bryce Gallery, corner Riccarton Road and Paeroa Street from September 5-22.

Posted by artist Sofia Minson from NewZealandArtwork.com
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil paintings


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