'Pacific Discovery' cultural visitor attraction on Auckland's waterfront

I've been doing some exciting Arts consultation on a new project - Pacific Discovery. The idea's creators are Bill Ludbrook and production designer Logan Brewer MBE.

This cultural visitor attraction proposed for Auckland's waterfront has been 8 years in the making.

What do you think, is it time we have something like this in our city???

A beacon in the heart of the city, 'Pacific Discovery' will be lit up with projections of the Pacific

The structure will be lit up at night in soft Pacific Ocean coloured light, projecting photographs and film of our unique culture, flora and fauna. Highly visible and aesthetically arresting, this marine structure, to be known as Pacific Discovery, will be seen as a modern lighthouse in the heart of the city.

Pacific Discovery shares with the world our ancient story of Pacific navigation and Polynesian discovery of Aotearoa over 800 hundred years ago.

Planetarium with twin-hulled waka will take visitors on a virtual Pacific journey

Planetarium and Waka: Visitors will experience the epic journey from tropical Polynesia to the isolated islands of Aotearoa.  They will board a hand-crafted twin-hulled sailing vessel known as a Waka, brought to life in an interactive, thrilling, virtual reality experience within a huge dome Planetarium 4D theatre.  Guided by the stars, ocean currents and winds, they will be greeted by the spectacular sight of thousands of Moa and giant Pouakai (Haast Eagles), sea birds and swarms of sea life.

Super Structure: Purposely designed to include free public shelter, the super structure will be a space for itinerant buskers, arts of all kinds and kids' entertainment, as well as on-site pop up retail and cafes. The structure will maintain view shafts from Quay Street through to the harbour.

Super structure will include free public shelter, space for pop-up stores and arts and music and will maintain view shafts from Quay St to harbour

Site: A premium site is proposed on Auckland City's waterfront. Located on Queens Wharf, Pacific Discovery will be across the road from Britomart, in the middle of the transport hub for ferries, buses, trains, trams and cruise ships. Close to hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, the heritage precinct and retail outlets, Pacific Discovery is also adjacent to pontoons for outside dining of fish and chips, pizzas, and picnics.

The proposed site on Queens Wharf on downtown Auckland's waterfront is central to food, retail and transport including large cruise ships

Entertainment: As well as the Planetarium theatre, the entertainment will comprise an auditorium for live cultural performances and native New Zealand bird shows, a Waka exhibition and a Pacific garden enclosure.   Late night dinner shows with aspirational young Maori, Polynesian and Asian guest artists will entertain diners in Pacific Discovery's very own Oceans Seafood Restaurant.

Diverse cultural performances

Auditorium for live events

Fresh seafood restaurant

Native NZ bird shows

Tell me what you think of 'Pacific Discovery' in the comments section below...
What do YOU think Auckland needs on its waterfront??

Posted by artist Sofia Minson from NewZealandArtwork.com
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