Painting to be auctioned for refugee children on the Thai/Burma border

“Colour of his Dreams”’ is my latest oil painting of 13 year old Saw Min Thet who attends a refugee school on the Thai/Burma border.  He was asked “What do you dream?” 

"Colour of his dreams" by Sofia Minson, 450 x 450 mm, oil on canvas

The boy's answer was “I want to be an artist.”

Saw Min Thet's school is based by the local rubbish dump where families live and earn a living by collecting recyclable materials.  Supported by the SpinningTop charity, the school caters to refugee, orphaned and migrant children, some of whom have been rescued from trafficking.

Although we have never met, I was inspired by the boy’s dream and imagined him to be painting his own self-portrait through me, an image full of youthful energy and colour.

Last year the ‘Little Lotus Project’ led by SpinningTop enabled a group of talented artists from around the globe to visit Saw Min Thet’s school and work on youth development projects with an artistic focus.

Artworks donated by over 30 artists - the Little Lotus artists as well as by a number of guest artists including Michel Tuffery, Peap Tarr, Martin Horspool, Misery and myself - will be auctioned to raise vital funds for the children’s ongoing welfare.

Posted by artist Sofia Minson from NewZealandArtwork.com
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