Canvassing The Treaty (Part 1 of 6) - doco and collaboration

The thought provoking art and social experiment follows six New Zealand artists, three Maori and three non-Maori, as they create cross-cultural collaborative artworks.

Over the course of this unique project the artists gain deeper insights into the Treaty of Waitangi.

We meet the artists and learn about their diverse Maori, European and Asian heritage:

  • Mike Davison - Pakeha
  • Samapeap Tarr - Cambodian / Pakeha
  • Sofia Minson - Ngati Porou / Irish / Swedish
  • Kura Te Waru Rewiri - Ngati Kahu / Ngati Raukawa
  • Dagmar Dyck - Tongan / German
  • Chris Bryant - Ngati Porou / Pakeha

The artists attend a treaty education workshop at Pakiri, north of Auckland, guided by Moana Jackson and Ingrid Hughens.

There are tears and feelings of hurt and guilt over historical injustices, as well as an eagerness to be educated and work together.

Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua begins by saying "the treaty needs to be talked about again".

Canvassing The Treaty copyright Tumanako Productions
Written by artist Sofia Minson from NewZealandArtwork.com
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil paintings


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