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Limited edition of 75 signed fine-art prints available on museum archival card. 456mm high x 550mm wide. Unframed prints shipped FREE in NZ, $49 internationally.

Original painting Sold, oil on canvas, 1480 x 1785mm, 2007


Nati is the name of the young girl in this painting. The word Nati is also used as a colloquial term for Ngati Porou people (Sofia is affiliated with the east coast tribe of Ngati Porou).

The large-scale portrait was first inspired by a photo taken in the 1960s of Sofia’s auntie, who was then age five.

This work portrays the little girl’s bright eyes and inquisitive spirit. She wears a korowai (Maori feather cloak) over her shoulders, which in highlighting an aspect of tradition, contrasts to the youth and curiosity of Nati herself. “I feel as though I relate to this portrait of Nati because I’m also in a position of constant discovery and learning. Yet just as she wears a cloak that is sacred to her ancestors, I try and respect the history and tradition of my tupuna in my work” Sofia comments.

"Painting gives me an avenue to express my connection to my own whakapapa (genealogy). I love that other people can share in that process with me and simply enjoy the emotions and personalities, which I convey in my portraits.”

Sofia Minson Paintings | New Zealand Artwork

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