Original Painting by Sofia Minson - SOLD

Ink-like vinyl paint (flashe) on linen. 1280 x 1900mm including frame.


This portrait of a young man with a bow tie and bowler hat fuses Western, Māori and Egyptian traditions together.

His form was inspired by dozens of 19th-century black and white photographs of Māori, pieced together to become something entirely new in the process. The Victorian outfit is in stark contrast to his Moko Kanohi (face tattoo). Moko is an indelible link to whakapapa (lineage), going all the way back to cosmic origins.

The falcon-headed god Horus in Egyptian myth has the crucial ability to see with perspective.  He is the son of the great mother Isis and father Osiris. A messianic figure who parallels Christ. 

Horus grew up outside the kingdom in the underworld with his mother, alienated from his fundamental culture. Horus battled Seth, his father's evil brother who sought to overthrow the kingdom. He won but in the process his eye was ripped out. 

He went down to the underworld to find his father, gave him his eye and together, they returned to the world embodying the best of past and present. The best of tradition and wisdom.

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The original painting of Horus has sold but we have a special limited edition large canvas print for sale. 

  • Limited edition of 95 signed fine-art prints
  • Large print on canvas 890 x 1442mm (not including frame)
  • Unframed prints arrive in a tube, shipped worldwide
Horus - Large canvas print - 890 x 1442mm unframed
Horus - Large canvas print

890 x 1442mm unframed


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