Samapeap Tarr a.k.a. Peap

Peap Tarr on The Gravy "New Zealand Art Show" 2008 from samapeap tarr on Vimeo.

Peap (pronounced Pee-Ap) is a New Zealand-born artist who grew up in many different countries. He says "my mum is Cambodian and my dad is from Te Awamutu so they were always on the move all over the place. I have two beautiful girls in my life - my wife Air Tarr and our little baby girl Pairewa. She is our shining star, and I have seen UFO's yes thank you very much."

Now based in Bangkok, Thailand, Peap's cultural background has influenced him to create his signature sinister yet tranquil works of art. Known primarily for his use of bold black ink on a blank white medium, his art exists in a world where lightness and darkness battle, yet coexist in the same breath to balance each other and contrast against each other. It represents the ups and downs of life, the yin and the yang, the ongoing war that ends up being waged on canvas or whatever medium his work lies on. Peap has been receiving international acclaim and attention, including a feature in American Low Brow Art magazine "Hi-Fructose"

He has also exhibited alongside artists such as MARS1 and Ron English at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles in 2007, capturing the attention of other industry greats such as Chaz Bojorquez. Peap has appeared in US Art magazine Faesthetic, Acclaim Magazine, North and South, Computer Arts China and Cavassing The Treaty, a featurue length documentary where he collaborated with fellow New Zealand artist Sofia Minson on a 2m x 2m painting called Te Pou Tuatahi.

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