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Io Whispers

Original painting Sold, acrylic and flashe on canvas,
1780 x 1190mm (including frame), 2016

Limited edition print available - scroll down and click 'add to cart'

To the artist, this painting acts as a mirror, reflecting the viewer's sense of inner growth and blossoming. The background mandala is painted in metallic gold, which has a reflective, dynamic quality that changes with the light of the room. The sacred geometric pattern is uplifting and attractive to the human mind. This kind of pattern is known throughout many religions and spiritual practices as being a threshold into a psychedelic, creative, energetic dimension. There is potential for this image to be used as a visual aid in meditation due to its symmetry, harmony and reflection of our own positive traits.

In Maori cosmology the universe has many names depending on its state of being throughout its evolution. As with most ancient religions the qualities and stages of the development of the cosmos, as well as the natural forces around us are personified with different atua or gods. Whether or not there was one supreme god before Pakeha brought the idea of Christianity to Aotearoa is debatable. However coming from today's framework, if there was to be one name to describe the god of all things, it would be Io. Io itself has many names including Io-matua-kore – Io the parentless one.

The white rose, found everywhere in the world, was chosen for its familiarity and its symbolic history throughout countless cultures and centuries. In the 20th century for instance, the white rose was the symbol of a grass roots peace movement in Nazi Germany protesting against Hitler's genocide. The white rose is also associated with purity, love, marriage, new beginnings and remembrance.

Once she finished painting this work, Minson felt that the title "Io Whispers" described her impression of the image as a gateway into one's inner self. The artist explains her feeling that "in a subtle, quiet voice it calls you to enter into that space, and to listen carefully to something intangible, beyond our busy daily activities and mind chatter. Because really, nothing draws human focus quite like a whisper."

Limited Edition Print

Limited edition of 95 signed prints available on matte paper of museum archival quality called hahnemuhle photo rag 308gsm. Image size is 775mm high x 518mm wide surrounded by an unprinted white border.  Shipping is FREE within NZ and $35 everywhere else (prices are NZD).  Unframed print arrives sealed in protective tube or sleeve.

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